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Upcoming! Mentoring at ThinkNation: Brighton Digital Festival

On October 13th I am really looking forward to being a mentor at @thinknat ‘s @brightondigitalfestival event.

I will be working with young people to help them shape and present their ideas as to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create a fairer housing solution in Brighton and Hove (a subject close to my heart, I am all too familiar with how terrible living conditions in Brighton can be for young people…).

This is one of a number of topics that will be covered on the day. The topics/questions were chosen because young people voted on what they believed had the most impact on their lives. We will be thinking creatively about how technology can be used to help to answer these questions and reduce these problems.

If you know any young people (aged 14-24) who would be interested in attending or anyone interested in mentoring (people with expertise in voice technology especially) please go to the Think Nation website.

Break Into Public Speaking

I had the pleasure of watching the final presentations from the ‘Break Into Public Speaking’ workshops that I co-organise at work for other people from minority backgrounds.

All the talks were brilliant and covered a range of subjects, some examples of which were the importance of including LGBTQ participants in user research, travelling alone with a a disability and using agile techniques to help to organise your home life.

Check out Lucy’s blog post to find out more about the workshop series.

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