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Hair by Not Another Academy

On Instagram stories, I saw that Not Another Academy were looking for models for root bleaches so I messaged them straight away ?.

Not Another Academy is the training arm of Not Another Salon on Brick Lane. In my opinion it is the best salon ever – lively, bright, eccentric, fun and they specialise in brightly coloured hair. The salon is owned by girl boss Sophia Hilton, who was running the academy alongside hair expert Norman on the day I attended.

The stylists that worked on my hair @nicolakristel_hair from Portsmouth and @colourbysambluz from Scotland were very experienced and talented. They made the day really enjoyable and did a fabulous job.



I was probably there for nearing 7 hours, but it went fast and gave me some much needed time to relax and read my kindle. Despite it taking a while, mostly due to waiting for things to start and for the stylists (there were around 10) to view each others consultations etc, it was definitely worth it.

Putting yourself forward as a hair model is also much cheaper, which really helped me as I was paying towards 3 accommodations in London in September ?. Looking out for these opportunities can really help if you have high maintenance hair and are on a bit of a budget. Otherwise, the regular Not Another Salon are very transparent about pricing and you really do get what you pay for.

It has been a couple of weeks now and the colour faded to a nice peachy rose gold colour. The salon gave me some pink dye which I can mix into my conditioner and leave on my hair to top up when needed which has turned out to not be too messy (my main concern with coloured hair… destroying the carpet with dye!).

If I do need to go back to having more conservative hair for any reason, then it will eventually fade back to a blonde. Some colours such as blue or green tend to stain the hair but pink it pretty easy to try out for a bit and then change if needed. I am definitely really enjoying it for now anyway.

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