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Upcoming! Mentoring at ThinkNation: Brighton Digital Festival

On October 13th I am really looking forward to being a mentor at @thinknat ‘s @brightondigitalfestival event.

I will be working with young people to help them shape and present their ideas as to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create a fairer housing solution in Brighton and Hove (a subject close to my heart, I am all too familiar with how terrible living conditions in Brighton can be for young people…).

This is one of a number of topics that will be covered on the day. The topics/questions were chosen because young people voted on what they believed had the most impact on their lives. We will be thinking creatively about how technology can be used to help to answer these questions and reduce these problems.

If you know any young people (aged 14-24) who would be interested in attending or anyone interested in mentoring (people with expertise in voice technology especially) please go to the Think Nation website.


uncodebar is codebar‘s annual unconference. This year it was hosted at Twitter and gathered 86 developers from our codebar community.

At an unconference there is no specified agenda, meaning that speakers are not booked in advance to present. Instead, at the start of the day, people that attend the event pick up the microphone and pitch sessions that they want to run. There is a show of hands to determine which room size the session will require and it is added to a time slot on the schedule on the wall.

The sessions usually take the format either of a talk with Q&A, a hands on coding workshop or a group discussion around a set topic.

Schedule which took shape as a result of pitches:

I took part in a session about running community meet ups, saw a talk about ‘the art of saying no’, learnt about the highs and lows of @thisisjofrank’s project in which she created a tweet controlled LED wedding dress (it was AMAZING, find out more in Jo’s post here), saw a thought provoking talk about software and ethics by @richardwestenra and finally a talk about coaching software dev 😀

Honestly, go along to an unconference if you can. You never know quite what you are going to get, but that is part of the fun. In this post about a Civil Service unconference, Claire writes about the value of moving away from having “speakers” and “listeners” as the collective knowledge of the audience is likely to be more than that of any one speaker.

Huge thanks to the codebar organisers that put this together (I can take no credit as I wasn’t involved in organising this… just attended!), they did a brilliant job. I left feeling very proud of the codebar community and look forward to next year.

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